Family Friendly VW Event
To Be Confirmed, 2021

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As many of you know, Blackpool Breeze 2019 lived up to its name as the wind and rain battered us into oblivion. The weather put a lot of people off which resulted in greatly reduced ticket sales.

We do not make money from Breeze and we normally keep enough money back to run the following year and donate the rest, hence we have been able to give £14,029 to our Various Charities over the last six years. Sadly though, this time we have just broken even.

After careful consideration the committee have decided not to run a show in 2020. We are looking at possible new venues to bring you a new and improved show in 2021.

At this time we would like to thank everyone for their support over the years. We would also invite your thoughts and ideas on how to make the show a show you wouldn't want to miss.

Please feel free to comment with any ideas on our Facebook page.

The Breeze Team

Camping Rules

Photo - Blackpool's glorious weather shines down upon the campsite
A ticket (which must be purchased in advance) to the Blackpool Breeze 2021 event includes camping for the weekend and all those who Buy Tickets will receive a wristband.

These will need to put on before you enter the site and for insurance purposes you MUST keep them on for the duration of the weekend.


Arrivals / Departures

On arrival you will be allocated a camping plot, so if there are a few of you camping together, try to arrive together.

Please take a look at our What's On page for a timetable for the weekend.

  • Friday: Gates open 12.00pm (noon) and close 10.00pm. Please contact us via our Enquiries page if you anticipate arriving later.
  • Saturday: Gates re-open 8.00am and again close at 10.00pm.
  • Sunday: The site must be vacated by 3.00pm.

On Friday and Saturday, the main gates of the camping field will be locked to outward vehicles between 6.00pm and 9.00am.

Campsite Rules

We want to keep you, and others around you, safe and happy! Please help us do this by abiding by the following rules:

  • All Fires to be raised off the ground (Firepits)
  • All BBQ's to be raised off the ground
  • Family camping - No music after 10pm
  • Main camping - No music after midnight
  • No outward vehicle movement after 6pm
  • Dogs are welcome, but must be kept on a lead at all times
  • 10mph maximum vehicle speed at all times
  • Wristbands must be presentable at all times
  • 3 metres must be keep between plots
  • Please drink responsibly and consider others around you
  • Please make yourself aware of the first aid point
  • No Chinese Lanterns
  • Please follow the instructions from the volunteers at all times.
  • In case of fire: Move to a safe distance. Use on-site extinguishers and / or call 999

The "Small Print"

All rules will be strictly adhered to and in all circumstances regarding their application the Site Steward's decision is final. Please read them carefully and speak to the Site Supervisor or members of the volunteer team if there is anything that you do not understand.

  1. The site is controlled and administered by Blackpool Breeze VW Show, hereafter referred to as "The Organiser".
  2. The Organiser and its staff and volunteers shall not be liable for any loss or damage occasioned to any person, vehicle, tent or caravan, or its contents whilst in the site, howsoever such damage or loss is caused.
  3. Volunteers have been appointed by the Organiser and are responsible for the management of the camp site and administration of these rules.
  4. By entering upon the site all persons agree to comply with all of the site rules and to accept any decision of The Organiser or its representative made under these rules.
  5. Any signs placed on the site must be obeyed.
  6. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry or eject from the site any person who fails to comply with the rules or is causing a nuisance or disturbance to other clients on the site.
  7. If any of these rules are broken, Security may terminate the permission to use the site without warning and forthwith may require the persons concerned to remove themselves, their vehicle, campervan / caravan / tent and other possessions from the site. If this rule is applied, no payment will be refunded.
  8. Any person ejected from the site may be prohibited from attending the site in the future.


  1. On the day of departure Sunday the site should be vacated by 3.00pm.
  2. You must be in possession of a valid ticket and wrist band at all times, and you may be required to provide proof of your entitlement to be on the site at any time.
  3. A recommended 3 metres must be kept between any awning / tent / vehicle and a campervan / caravan in an adjacent pitch. Please do not overspill into a roadway, as these are required to be clear for access by emergency vehicles.
  4. Campervans / caravans / tents and other vehicles not sited in accordance with these rules will be required to move and the Site Stewards instructions will be followed.


  1. The site will be open from 12.00pm (noon) on Friday and will close at 3.00pm Sunday. It is not possible to allow access before the stated opening time. All attendees will be required to have left the site by the stated closing time.
  2. Camping units will be permitted to set up until 10.30pm. Late arrivals are permitted to camp overnight in the day visitor parking area and will be required to move to their allocated camping pitch the following morning.
  3. The main gates of the camping field will be locked to outward vehicles between 6.00pm and 9.00am.

Hygeine and Safety

  1. The speed limit for all vehicles in the Site is 10 mph. Please observe traffic signs and follow any traffic system.
  2. Access roadways must not be obstructed.
  3. Clients are responsible for the collection and control of their own litter and refuse. Refuse points are signposted onsite; please dispose of your rubbish in the designated refuge collection areas.
  4. Toilet facilities are provided. You are asked to assist in keeping the toilets clean.
  5. Stand pipes for drinking water are provided.
  6. Washing at the drinking water standpipes is not permitted.
  7. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times.
  8. Dog excrement is to be immediately cleaned up and disposed of.
  9. Barbecues are permitted provided they are raised off the ground to prevent scorching the grass. Hot ash from the BBQs must be extinguished after cooking.
  10. Camp fires shall only be permitted in off ground firepits to prevent scorching the grass.
  11. Fire points are clearly signposted on-site If a fire occurs, move everyone outside your camping unit to a safe distance, alert site wardens and / or call 999.

Consideration for Others

  1. The Client must not cause a nuisance to other occupiers of the site. No excessively loud music is to be played at any time.
  2. You are asked not to make unreasonable noise, especially after 10.00pm and before 9.00am. If a complaint about noise is received one warning will be given then rule 7 will be applied.
  3. Smoking is not permitted in the toilet blocks
  4. You are asked not to unnecessarily move your vehicle around the site e.g. driving to and from the toilets. Once your plot is situated you are able to move to the show field and back again for the purposes of displaying in show and shine, in the vehicles for sale area or partaking in the autojumble. Those wishing to leave site to attend the Blackpool Illuminations, please refer to point 16 above.
  5. You are permitted to bring your own alcohol on to the campsite, however as this is "Family" camping we ask you to act responsibly at all times. This also applies to anyone acting irresponsibly around the main show field. Anyone found to be acting in an offensive or overly drunken manner will risk being ejected from the site and barred from the main event.

Blackpool Breeze cannot be held responsible, and reserve the right ask you to leave the site if you choose not to obey these rules.

For ticket, trade and general enquiries, please use the contact details on our Enquiries page.

You can Buy Tickets via this site.